White Night Festival Melbourne



You can purchase these images by sending me the name, state and code no. of image in an email or phone me, using the numbers in the contact menu.

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These photographic prints have a charm of their own, you can have a colourful piece of Australian beauty adorning your walls. Once purchased, each image will be signed, numbered, dated, embossed and thoroughly checked for quality. Then placed in 100mm tube, sealed and posted. Pricing will be worked out with quote including postage and GST. Framing can be arranged, but at this moment only locally in Melbourne and Victoria and must be picked up. If it can safely guarantee frame and glass through the postage service, we will post elsewhere in the future. Special visual presentations and seminars can also be arranged, as well photographic sessions and assignments. Special requests are always welcome, including, oversized prints, special media and large purchase orders. These files are between 100 - 500 megabyte in size allowing me to reproduce images up to 4 - 5 metres and hold the quality. I only use the highest quality Epson inks and lustre paper with an Epson 8 colour printer for the reproductions. "I hope you love and enjoy my work as I have, traveling, photographing and producing these artworks of Australia."


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