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What you see is a small part of my catalogue of panoramic images. As I travel, I will place some of my latest images in this area that can also be purchased. As well as the latest each month, I’ll place more images of other locations that I have previously photographed. This will be called Project Library. You can also request a location and I’ll try and accommodate your request. Whilst this site is being reconstructed, images can be viewed on Instagram or Flickr. Feel free to contact me at any time regarding everything great and small, including purchasing or presentations. Regards Geoff http://www.flickr.comphotos/ 115028347@N03/with/12787050855 https://www.instagram.com/geoffpinney/
Project Library.



31.10.16 - Halloween After hibinating over the winter months, I always feel a release as colour makes a welcome return to the garden. As a summer person this time of the year I need to defrost. Upcoming projects: After Christmas we have a trip planned to the mid east coast of N.S.W. around Forster. I've been to both Newcastle and Port
 Macquarie and this looks like a very interesting coastline. Australia Day weekend i'll be going back to Tassie, to have a look at 
 the Walls of Jerusalum and Cradle Mountain National Parks. Then the drive to Freycinet and Coles Bay, then maybe Bay of Fires if time 
 permits. You can check with what ever happens at the




Project Library.



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